X Kitchen Remodel

This client has asked to remain anonymous in this blog post. In order to respect their privacy, we will refer to them as "client X”

When we met client X they had a gorgeous home in major need of updating. Although the home functioned fine, it felt dark because of the abundance of wood, lack of windows, and floor to ceiling red brick.

IMG_1552 (1).JPG

It was very important to keep the integrity of the home but bring some light into the space and make it feel less cave-like. There was a large brick ‘wall’ dividing the kitchen and living spaces that was a major point of support for the home. We knew this would need to stay - so the kitchen layout wouldn’t be able to change much, if at all. This wasn’t a major issue since the kitchen functioned well.

IMG_1546 (1).JPG

X had fallen in love with the idea of a painted brick. They even toyed with the idea of maybe doing a distressed painted brick. They found a photo in a magazine that really spoke to them and the feel they were wanting in the home. We decided to add some wood posts and beams to the space to mirror this picture they fell in love with. We would keep the brick above the wood as well us under the countertop. We ultimately decided to just paint it all white.

The next thing we decided to do was square up the fireplace to mirror the look of the new wall in the kitchen. We wanted to eliminate all of the arches in the space. X had also found a photo of a mantle they loved and they asked that we custom mill one to match!

3D Rendering

3D Rendering

Inspiration photo

Inspiration photo

IMG_1548 (1).JPG

This mantle would end up being 99” long and about 14” tall! I should also note that because of all the existing wood in the home we decided to do a wood stain match for all of the new wood going into the space. All of the new wood would be a custom stain color on alder wood.


Our next area of concern was the lighting in the space. We added in some can lighting as well as a huge window in the dining area. The wood window casing throughout the house ended up being next to impossible to get our hands on! This window would be between two other existing windows so the match had to be perfect. We had to go through a custom vendor to custom make the wood casing.


Notice in the ‘before’ photo there is a coffered ceiling! We removed this entirely which really brightened up the space! In the ‘after’ picture you might notice the oak flooring. The home had existing oak flooring which we just sanded down and completely refinished with almost a white wash! Another amazing thing in the ‘after’ photo is the completely custom dining table. This table is 115” long and only about 30” wide! X envisioned a long bar height table that they could sit at in the morning and be able to look out the new window. We used the same countertop material on the table to keep it consistent with the kitchen.


X originally fell in love with a gorgeous quartz that was completely discontinued during the design process. This caused some major heartache for X because nothing else really compared. We were lucky to finally find a Quartz from Contempo Tile that had the coloring X was looking for. There was definitely some compromising… but unfortunately there wasn’t anything we could do. The tariffs have effected a lot of materials that we sell but usually we have a little more notice of something being discontinued.

The countertop struggle didn’t end there! Because of the massive island with the wall cutting through, we had to do two separate templates. Typically we can template a job and get countertops installed a week later. But X had to wait almost 3 weeks! We got worried about the material being too grey so once the slabs came in to Contempo Tile, X made a trip to SLC to view the slabs in person. After they were able to approve the coloring we did an initial template. We went back and forth with the fabricator on seam placement around the wall. To be safe, the fabricator did a second template where they made a custom wood stencil out of the countertop layout to make sure the seams would install effectively.


Client X is very well traveled and also enjoys looking for ideas in magazines and even hotels they visit. We chose a range hood during the design process that was much larger than the one we ended up installing. Right after cabinets went into production the client realized, while visiting a friend, that the hood they chose just wouldn’t work. We removed the hood from production until we could make a decision on a new style… which we found inside a magazine!


We did custom floating shelves in the same wood stain as the other wood accents and a sleek white subway tile backsplash from Contempo Tile. X chose KitchenAid appliances and a Zephyr hood insert!

We use an amazing millwork who had never done a custom hood before! This was also new to us… but we are always willing to take on a new challenge! We did custom specs for the space and had the hood built off of the magazine photo.


I mentioned before that X is very well traveled! While visiting Park City they stayed at a hotel where they saw the most perfect railing design. They instantly fell in love with the idea! They didn’t want to do something cookie cutter, they wanted something that would stand out. We went through a custom railing fabricator to do the insert design. We decided to change the look of the railing a little by squaring up the design to match everything else in the space.

Railing from hotel in Park City

Railing from hotel in Park City

3D Rendering

3D Rendering

We also designed a custom wood post which was also done by our millwork! We did these around the island as well as the railing to keep the look consistent.


I am not going to lie, the project definitely had it’s ups and downs! This was a massive main level remodel with tons of custom elements. Not only did X want it to be perfect, WE wanted it to be perfect. The project went over schedule and X was ready to have their home back! At the end of the day this is beyond a signature project for Top Tier! We are so proud of this remodel and X has become such a valued and important client and friend to us. We are currently talking about a possible basement remodel in the future!

Benstog Master Bath

The Benstog bathroom is a true testament as to how custom we are willing to get on a project. This super fun master bathroom is one of the most unique bathrooms we have ever done at Top Tier. The client really wanted something that would radiate her personal style. She really wanted it to “sparkle”! Her vision was to gut the bathroom and go back in with a huge roman tub. This was new territory for us because we had never done one before. We had to do a lot of research and planning to make sure everything would go smoothly. Even though we tried to plan ahead of time - the project ended up taking a lot longer than expected.

For those who might not know - a roman tub is a fully custom framed and tiled tub. You can make it any size and/or dimension. It’s basically a big shower.

GetFile (2).jpg

We went back and forth on design for several weeks trying to achieve the perfect amount of sparkle. We ordered in different samples and picked up even more from local tile stores.

When we did the original quote the client had a 12x12 sheet of blue hexagon glass mosaic she had purchased. When all was said and done this was the piece she knew she loved the most.

We decided to focus on this as the main accent and build the design around this specific piece. We chose an over sized hexagon for the floor tile to play off of the glass mosaic.

GetFile (1).jpg

We looked at multiple options for the shower surround that would compliment the glass mosaic. We were able to find a polished porcelain that had similar coloring. The polished look of this tile next to the shimmer in the glass mosaic really made everything have the sparkle the client was looking for. The colors were starting to be really dark though, and we were starting to worry the space would start to feel like a cave.

We decided to look into adding a solar tube in the bathroom ceiling for some natural light. The client ultimately decided she loved the look of glass block and wanted to do a full wall of it in the shower. This would allow natural light from the solar tube as well as light from the vanity light.

3D rendering of space - I really struggled with rendering the glass block!

3D rendering of space - I really struggled with rendering the glass block!

Once we framed the roman tub we were able to better see how everything would play out. The tub was so large that we worried she wouldn’t have enough hot water to fill it! We also had to do massive amounts of water proofing to make sure the whole tub would be water tight.

We discussed possibly adding onto her water heater or replacing the unit completely to ensure temperature wasn’t an issue. The client opted to wait it out and see how the tub felt once it was usable. She ultimately decided she could live without the water heater upgrade.

The client was able to find this super unique vanity on Wayfair!

The client was able to find this super unique vanity on Wayfair!


Even though the roman tub was a lot of work and planning - the finished result was absolutely amazing! The client loves her new space and feels like it is definitely more in tune with her personal style. Her daughter even bought her an in-tub body lounger for a truly luxurious experience inside her in-home personal spa!

We are so happy that we got to be apart of making this master bathroom dream come to life!

Eller Kitchen

The Eller’s came to us wanting a kitchen remodel that fit their personal style and the traditional feel of their home. It was important that we did everything we could to help achieve a functional environment for them. We were working with a huge open area with a choppy layout and very little storage. An over-sized laundry room was located directly behind the kitchen taking up a lot of usable kitchen space. We decided our best option would be to expand into the laundry room making a walk-in pantry. We brought in CF Olsen Designs (located in Ogden) to create a kitchen with ample cabinet space while we started designing the new floor plan.


We would use the cabinets to create a hidden walk in pantry. We worked with the client to do custom shelving that fit all of their small appliances, dishes, snacks, cleaning supplies - ect. Eliminating a portion of the laundry room, which was the size of a bedroom, allowed the client to gain so much storage! When we took final pictures of the project, some shelves were actually still empty!

eller kitchen 1.PNG

There was a large section of wall adjacent to the kitchen that wasn’t being utilized. We racked our brains trying to think of how to add storage into this area without going overboard. The Eller’s were adamant that we get as much storage into the kitchen as possible. We decided on doing a buffet area that would include two full height pantry cabinets, decorative glass front cabinets, and plenty of counter space for holidays and entertaining!


My favorite part of this project ended up being the floors! We decided to keep the oak but do a sand and refinish. We use Nexus Flooring on all of our hardwood projects and he never disappoints!


He sanded down the aged gold tones and went back in with a gray stain throughout the entire main level of the home. The finished product ended up being so amazing that we have had multiple clients copy the Eller’s!

We removed the old carpet from the living area and weaved in the same hardwood. We eliminated all of the old maple railing with custom milled alder railing stained to match the cabinets. We then complimented this by gutting the fireplace completely and going back in with a new insert, floor to ceiling stacked stone and a custom alder mantle.

When eliminating multiple flooring surfaces and opting to do just one single surface you are creating the feel of an inviting and open concept space.

In the kitchen we decided to square up the island and keep the countertop all one height. We moved the refrigerator over to the sink wall and went in with an amazing Dacor double drawer counter depth refrigerator. We did a single wall oven and convection microwave in order to do an induction cooktop in the island.

After choosing cabinet colors we went to Bedrock Quartz in Layton to choose 2 slabs of White Springs granite. We ended up hand selecting specific slabs from Arizona Tile’s quarry. We pulled the gray tones out of the stone by doing a light gray hexagonal ceramic tile backsplash.

We really wanted to make everything pop so we added dimmable undercabinet lighting under all of the cabinets as well as inside all of the glass front cabinets. Once all of the lighting was installed… this kitchen literally sparkled.

This space is especially amazing because they stuck to the style of the home as well as their own personal style. Everything that went into this space was 100% unique to the Eller’s and that is what makes it a signature project for Top Tier.

Valentine Home

The Valentine Home was by far our most invasive and challenging project we have ever been asked to do! So invasive that we actually did two walk through’s before we even finalized the bid.

The Valentine’s had already remodeled their master bedroom and the entire upper level of their home - so they had an idea for what kind of style they were wanting for the main level project. This project would involve removing several major load bearing walls, removing a fireplace, relocating a laundry room, eliminating a full bathroom, a full kitchen remodel, weaving and refinishing hickory flooring, and relocating a powder bath.

The kitchen remodel would need to have a walk in pantry and enough space for a full size refrigerator & full size freezer, two dishwashers, an ice maker, wall ovens, drawer microwave, and a commercial gas cooktop.


This project was so big that we had to split it into two jobs in order to keep the home somewhat livable for the family. We started with eliminating the full bath on the main level and relocating the laundry room to this area.


The bathroom on the main level never got used - so the space was just wasted. The laundry room was on the opposite side of the house behind the kitchen. The space was awkward and didn’t make much sense! It was important to get the laundry room moved and finished so that the family would have a washer and dryer functioning and a better idea of space for the upcoming remodel. The bathroom was a pretty quick demo, even with the huge drop in tub!

We then had to relocate appropriate plumbing & power to the new laundry room so we could move the machines in. We did a super fun design with the narrow space - adding storage over the washer and dryer, a full height linen tower, and a prep sink. We did a full accent wall of navy blue glass 3x6 tile and a custom 1x1 hexagon floor. Each black flower was meticulously installed and spaced to make this floor really pop and stand out in this super fun and unique space!



The design for the kitchen changed multiple times! We wanted it to be perfect and function for the family and their specific needs! We probably went back to the drawing board three times to get everything exactly how it needed to be! It was important that the new space would feel more open because everything about the current space was super choppy. There would also be multiple major walls that would be moved or taken out. Because of this we knew we would have multiple support beams. The first “wish list item” was to get a “mud room” inside the garage door access. The hall was pretty narrow but if we eliminated the fireplace on the other side, we could potentially gain some extra space for some built ins with storage.

The hall actually ended up having a lot of thought and design put into it. We knew we wanted to tile it since it would be the main access from the garage and get a lot of foot traffic. We decided to do extra tall wainscot down the hallway with floor to ceiling wainscot in the “mud room” area. Because of this change - we opted to do away with the built ins. By taking out the fireplace in the front room it allowed more furniture to fit and the space to feel a little more open.


We relocated the powder bath to the other end of the hallway and had CF Olsen Designs (Located in Ogden) build a custom vanity via a Pinterest photo the client fell in love with! We did shiplap walls and pulled the same custom 1x1 hex floor tile (from the laundry) into the bathroom. We decided to do a gold Delta faucet that was similar to the faucet in the inspiration photo. At first the client wasn’t sure they loved the Delta faucet. Delta’s gold is more of a brushed champagne and isn’t as vibrant as the polished gold Kohler faucet pictured. However, as everything came together the champagne color of the Delta faucet fit the space perfectly! We loved the gold tones so much that we did small pops throughout the kitchen as well.



The kitchen was the most fun part of the whole design! We redrew and rehashed the layout at least three times, if not more! The cooktop, refrigerator, and freezer were all commercial size. So we tried them in multiple different spots before deciding to do the cooktop under the window. With this decision we decided to actually grow the window and do a custom linear range hood. We toyed with the idea of maybe doing navy blue cabinets in the kitchen, but ended up going white on the perimeter, black on the island, and do wood stained accents. There were several small details that we added on as the space started to come together. We did glass front transom cabinets with black cabinet backs to really make the transoms pop. We added decorative sconce lighting by the custom pantry door and over the floating shelves. Custom full height splash was installed in a herringbone pattern and we did a combination of black and gold fixtures.


Since everything about this remodel was custom and meticulously designed… we just couldn’t have a plain ceiling. The client had fallen in love with the idea of doing either a shiplap or coffered ceiling. We opted to do both! We did a “low profile” coffer in order to do the cabinets up to the ceiling. We wrapped all of the support beams in order to compliment the coffer design. It took a lot of planning to lay out and plan the coffered grid pattern. It was important that the pendant lighting landed inside each grid and not in the middle of the coffer trim. The island got taped out on the floor and we used a laser pointer to determine where each pendant should be during a walk through with our electricians. We even ended up doing an X accent in the coffer above the dining room table - which turned out to be the perfect subtle accent the space needed!


Another great part of this remodel was the amazing walk in pantry. Our finish carpenter out did himself when he did this pantry because it is one of a kind! He really went out of his way to work with the client and do everything possible to maximize the space. We custom milled a gorgeous door with acid etched glass and a transom to mirror the look of the other transoms in the cabinets.

Because of the placement of the pantry in the final design - we were stuck with a support beam going right through the middle of the ceiling. We worked around it the best we could and still did a decorative wrap so it would be consistent with the other beams in the kitchen.


There was so much that went into this remodel! Plus a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from both Top Tier and the Valentine’s. Our poor clients were eager to get their home back! But when all was said and done - this turned out to be an absolutely perfect project that is unlike any other. And with such an incredible remodel comes a lot of extra time and attention to detail! We couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Original Rendering

Original Rendering

Finished Product

Finished Product

Crumbo Bathroom

What seemed to be a cut and dry bathroom update turned into a pretty amazing - and custom - transformation! When we met this client she seemed pretty certain with what she wanted design wise. Once we met to start the design process we designed something completely different than we had originally planned! 


We decided to do a contemporary dark wood vanity with a white quartz top. Originally we thought the shower and tub surround would be tile but ended up choosing a Piedrafina Engineered Marble surround. We kept the clients existing tub which was built into the floor but enlarged the shower. We opened up the walls and removed the soffit and went back in with glass to open up the space. We added a bench to the new shower and an inset niche box for product. We divided up the single sink and added two vanity lights instead of the one large light centered. 


We tiled the floor with an oversized hexagon tile with a concrete look to it. And put an accent strip in the shower which complimented the shape of the flooring. 

Originally we planned on chrome fixtures not realizing faucets would come with the vanity.  Once the vanity came with brushed nickel faucets we had to go back to the drawing board and re order fixtures to better compliment the faucets. It ended up being worth it because the new fixtures really made a statement in the shower! 


The customer ended up being overjoyed with the finished product of the bathroom. Especially because it wasn't what she had expected it to be! 

We love it when we can take what a client is envisioning and bring it to life beyond their expectations! This was an extremely gratifying project and we look forward to doing more work with this super amazing client! 


Titmus Kitchen

When we met this client she had just purchased an amazing fixer upper in the heart of Ogden. The yard had been completely landscaped but the interior needed a lot of love. She had a long list of things she was wanting and a very strict budget that she hoped everything could be done within. 


She had a very unique style - Mid century modern meets eclectic! The ceiling in the home was an exposed wood ceiling. The home owner really wanted to keep this and we couldn't blame her. But choosing a cabinet color became a challenge! The whole home was covered in paneling that she didn't necessarily want to remove. She decided she would want to paint the paneling white so it wouldn't compete.  There was still one factor that would come into play when trying to decide on cabinet color... a large built in that overlooked the dining room. We definitely didn't want to close it off but didn't like the idea of painting it white. So we ultimately decided to match the new cabinet color to this built in. 


Once the paneling was painted and the old kitchen demo'd it really brightened up the space. We removed a wall between the kitchen and living room in order to open up the kitchen a little more. It was almost a struggle to take after pictures because of all the natural light flooding in! 

We didn't want to do an LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) floor because we didn't want to introduce anymore wood tones. But we still liked the idea of doing a vinyl floor. We decided to choose a stone look LVT (Luxury vinyl tile) that would have a more mid century modern feel. 


The new kitchen perfectly captured the clients unique style.  CF Olsen Designs (Located in Ogden) did an extraordinary job on the kitchen cabinets which perfectly matched the existing built in! We did a quartz countertop and all new appliances. We moved the range into a small prep island and added a few fun feature items! We did some wrap around floating shelves on a small bumped out wall that couldn't be moved. And moved the microwave to the end of the island hidden behind faux drawer fronts. We also did a small nook under the island for cat food. 

The laundry room was originally in the kitchen but we relocated it to the coat closet in the dining room. We eliminated the closet completely and put a stack-able unit inside. This allowed us to move the fridge and do a peninsula with seating. 


When everything was said and done- we were able to complete the project close to the original budget! We ended up having a couple change orders throughout the project but nothing too major. The client was happy and it matched the eclectic feel of the home and her personality! 

Martin Rental Property

The Martin's came to us wanting major help on their Washington Terrace rental property. They lived in Texas and the Utah property had become pretty run down over the years. They put a lot of trust into our team to complete the entire remodel without them being local. 

We tried to keep everything pretty neutral to compliment the integrity of the home. We did a complete main level overhaul which included all new LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring, paint, lighting, full kitchen remodel, full bathroom remodel, and new carpet in the bedrooms. 


IMG_2766 (1).JPG

We removed a wall to open up the kitchen and dining room creating a more open concept feel. We installed all new appliances, alder cabinetry, and laminate countertops. Laminate countertops are an awesome alternative for a modest budget. Laminate designs have come a long way and look really beautiful installed! 


We like to spec Wilsonart - but there are also popular brands, like Formica, to choose a countertop that compliments your home.  There are also multiple options for your edge detail. We did a standard edge for this rental property as well as a standard 4" splash. 

We kept the bathroom simple by doing the same alder for the vanity. We used Cultured Marble from Sand N Swirl (located in Ogden) for the tub surround and countertop. Instead of continuing the LVP flooring into the bathroom we decided to do a simple taupe hexagon tile. 


Once the inside was finished we took the remodel to the exterior of the home. The outside needed a major face lift. The paint was chipping, the landscaping was overgrown, and the siding was damaged.

We removed some of the shrubs in the front yard, repainted the foundation, repainted the white railing, new updated roof, added fresh new siding, new lighting, and front door.

The transformation brought tears to the home owners eyes. They were shocked with the transformation! We couldn't have been happier with the result and the trust that was given to us by these super fun home owners! 


Tullis Kitchen & Fireplace

The Tullis family was brought to us as another amazing referral from CF Olsen Designs (Located in Ogden, UT). At first glance the home didn't seem to need much updating. The gorgeous Farmington home seemed to be spacious and fairly up to date. Although the kitchen seemed to not need work aesthetically - it didn't change the fact that it wasn't functioning for the family. Since we would be updating the kitchen we decided to carry the remodel throughout the main level with all new flooring, paint, lighting, and a complete fireplace makeover. 


The clients went back and forth on the kitchen cabinets with CF Olsen. They knew they needed much more space and wanted an island large enough to seat all of their children. The home was broken up into choppy rooms by structural posts and beams. They had set up the areas as a home office, a homework area for the kids, and a small sitting area. We originally planned to move the kitchen back into the sitting area but a window in the middle of the space would only allow the kitchen to grow so much.


We were concerned that if we moved the wall to the other side of the window the kitchen would seem too massive and overtake the whole space. We drew it up as having a pantry with double barn doors and a window seat under the sitting room window. This helped pull the space together without making it seem too overwhelming.  Because of the posts and beams being structural we had to work them into every aspect of the remodel. This included the new pantry and even the kitchen island. This is something we occasionally run into where we have to put a drop or post in after removing a structural wall. 

IMG-1547 (1).JPG

The clients loved the idea of having all white cabinets but worried it wasn't practical in their home having small children. They settled on having a white island and a dark stained perimeter.  They ultimately decided on doing a LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) throughout most of the main level and marble accents. We did a simple 3x6 marble splash and carried the marble to the fireplace. The client wanted to create a focal point out of the fireplace. They had dramatically tall ceilings and the fireplace protruded into the living area. 


We decided to do a shiplap feature wall from floor to ceiling, a new floating mantle, and carried the marble to the face of the surround. We did new carpet in the living room and all new paint. Changing the fireplace completely changed the look and feel of the home. It ended up being one of the best parts of this remodel!


The kitchen ended up being perfect for the clients needs. The island sat all of the children perfectly even with the structural post having to stay. We added some wainscot trim to the post to make it look more like a piece of furniture. We kept the the backsplash simple and went with a two tone look on both the cabinets and countertops. We did a statement granite on the white island, but kept the perimeter simple with a white quartz. The new space has excess amounts of storage and plenty of space for entertaining. Plus the custom walk in pantry with double barn doors is definitely a conversation starter! 

Wride Home Remodel

When we first met the Wride's they couldn't decide if they wanted to build new or remodel. The home was dated and it seemed like it would be too overwhelming to have to remodel every last square inch of the home. However, when they talked to CF Olsen's (CF Olsen Designs Located In Ogden) and weighed their options they just couldn't imagine leaving their family home. They loved their neighborhood and their mature yard. Although they could build new and get everything they wanted - you couldn't put a price on the memories they had made over the years in their current home. So they decided to call us to team up with CF Olsen and do a complete home overhaul. 


We planned to start with the main level. Removing old oak cabinets and soffit in the kitchen. Refinishing all the oak flooring throughout the kitchen and entry. Weaving in new oak into the den and living room areas. This level would need all new paint, a 1/2 bath remodel, and a laundry room remodel. We also decided to do 5' wainscoting in the den to make the room stand out from the rest of the main level.


The kitchen is one of the best parts of this remodel. CF Olsen did an amazing job capturing the traditional style the home owners had sought after during the design process. They went back and forth whether they wanted the perimeter cream with a stained alder island - or if they wanted the perimeter to be stained alder with a cream island. Ultimately they decided to go with the cream perimeter since the stained alder really made their feature granite, Typhoon Berdeaux, pop and stand out. 


We chose to go a little more subtle with the perimeter granite and do a 3 tone custom travertine tiled backsplash. We carried the same traditional flair into the laundry room and 1/2 bath. CF Olsen carried the cream cabinetry into the two adjacent rooms keeping consistenct with the design. 


We weaved the new hardwood flooring into the living room and did a brand new design for the fireplace. We mounted the TV above the new alder mantle to eliminate the entertainment center and open up the room. We continued the travertine into this area to keep flow throughout this open concept space.


To wrap up this level of the home we did a complete face lift on the railing going up to the 2nd level of the home. The original home was flooding with clear oak. This is pretty typical in most Utah homes. By refinishing the floors and giving them some color it added depth to the entire main level. We went in with dark alder accents from the cabinets to the mantle to the railing to give dimension and contrast. This made a comfortable feel flow throughout the entire main level. New railing is one of the most expensive parts of any remodel. However, in most cases it is one of the most eye catching and beneficial parts of any remodel. Most railing is the first thing you see when you walk into a home and by updating this - you're creating an immediate focal point for guests entering your home. 


The remodel moved up to the second level. We replaced all of the old carpet, did all new paint, all new lighting, and all new door knobs and hardware.  We wanted to get rid of all the old gold that was carried throughout the home and switch over to a bronze in order to keep a traditional feel. 

The second level also housed two full bath remodels. The master bath was dated with old ceramic tile and a jetted tub. The main bath had very short vanities and a small tub which needed to be updated. 


We went basic in the main bath. CF Olsen installed 2 new stained alder vanities and we updated the tile floor and plumbing fixtures. We chose to eliminate a shower curtain and do a glass panel. Originally we planned to do obscure glass but decided to do a clear glass so you could see the Piedrafina marble surround. 

We had a lot of fun in the master. We did a gorgeous tile shower and tub surround with a glass and limestone blend accent. We did a limestone pebble on the shower floor and a Piedrafina tub deck. CF Olsen did a gorgeous double vanity with tons of additional storage. We used the same tile floor in this bathroom as the main bath.


We finished off the project by doing some updates in the basement. We did all new countertops, plumbing fixtures, carpet, paint, and door knobs. The was a super fun project,  but extremely stressful! The Wride's were amazing to work with even though their entire home was in shambles for several months! The final result was truly an incredible transformation! 


Saunders Basement


We are so excited to share this gorgeous basement remodel with you! The Saunders were some of the best people we have had the pleasure of working with. This whole project was just destined to be great from the beginning. Originally, we had made a plan to finish the basement for a family member to move in to. However, throughout the design process that ended up falling through.  With the sudden change in use for the space, we decided to shift focus and work toward finishing the basement before a retirement party in the new home. The basement was completely unfinished, so the goal was to have a small kitchenette, one finished bedroom, a full bathroom, and plenty of living space for entertaining. This was especially important to the Saunders because they love to entertain A LOT! 

We wanted to do an updated design that wouldn't clash with the rest of the home. The house itself was pretty traditional in it's design, but we wanted to bring more of a contemporary feel to the basement. We decided to add in a fireplace, fun lighting, and hints of gray tones. 


We did an LVP floor throughout the basement. This gives the look of wood without the price tag and maintenance. We did a Piedrafina shower surround for easy cleaning when guests come to stay. We made sure to do a linen cabinet for storage since we left a portion of the basement unfinished and there wouldn't be a linen closet. 

In the kitchen we did a simple design with just a few cabinets, dishwasher, fridge, and island for guests to sit at. We added in a new fireplace with an updates sleek design using a floating mantle and ledger stone. 

We matched elements from the upstairs to maintain flow throughout the home. We used the same door profile, trim profile, and door knobs. 

In the end, the project turned out perfectly and I think the space will see plenty of memories from entertaining! 

We thankfully didn't run into too many problems along the way, and we were able to have everything except the bathroom finished in time for the retirement party! However, the bathroom was worth the wait because it turned out perfectly! 


Yngsdal Kitchen


This massive main level remodel was located in Farr West. We worked on the design for months to perfect everything down to the smallest detail. We had a lot of hiccups along the way, which can be the case with such a major remodel. These clients came to us wanting an updated space with a Mid Century Modern feel. They wanted to get rid of the brown tones and red walls and implement more of clean feel with more of a monochromatic color palette. The space just was outdated and didn't function the way the clients needed it to. The original wish list was to eliminate the peninsula, gain a desk area, add storage, and give the living area more of an open concept feel. The living room was crammed because of an angled fireplace taking up a huge portion of the space. We decided to eliminate the fireplace entirely and add in a large window to open up the space and allow some additional light in. 

IMG_0014 (1).JPG

Removing the fireplace and cutting in the window made a HUGE difference! It changed the feel of the space entirely. 

The clients did most of the other demo themselves. When we arrived to start the project almost everything was completely gutted. They had worked really hard to get everything ready for the remodeling to begin! I think they were definitely tired of their old space! We had hoped to completely open up the front sitting room and use the space as a new dining room. Even though we didn't originally need to, we had planned on putting in a decorative beam to help differentiate the living and dining areas.  


Unfortunately... Once we demoed the walls, we found a lot of wiring. The major issue here being, the main power line was ran through this wall when the home was built. This is pretty uncommon. So even though the clients were not happy about it, it was just too costly to move this power source. We decided to embrace this change and do a decorative wall that was large enough to hide the wires and not break the bank.

File_002 (4) - Copy.jpeg

We decided to do an LVP flooring. One of our favorite options for main levels. It's a "Luxury Vinyl Plank". A lot of people don't like the thought of doing a vinyl product on their floors. However, this is a great option! Wood flooring does not play nice with our Utah climate. The changing of seasons cause wood to expand and contract, causing the floor to squeak and get spacing between the planks. For clients dead set on a wood floor, we always recommend going with an engineered floor. It's a mix between a man made product and actual hardwood. This is going to expand and contract together and will long term be a better product. However, this is costly and if you don't install a humidifier in your home it voids all warranties. LVP material pricing varies anywhere from $2 per foot to $7 per foot and installation costs are low. The product has very realistic wood looks and they keep coming out with new competitive product every year! It's maintenance free, 100% waterproof, and most products come with a 30-Lifetime Warranty. 


The most amount of work went into perfecting the kitchen and lighting. It was very important that everything was functional while still having an incredible look. The final product really captured the clients unique style and fit the home perfectly.

We took plenty of time to draw the space and make sure everything was perfect before ordering. We still ended up making changes even after cabinets went in. We decided a more decorative leg on the island would fit the style a little better, we ended up going darker on the island stain, and did a fogged glass on the glass uppers in the desk area.  

When all was said and done, this project is definitely a signature job for us. It turned out perfect and the clients couldn't be happier! In fact, they even showed us how excited they are to be in their new and improved space! 

We loved working with them and it made for a pretty perfect finished product. See all of the final photos below.

IMG_0074 (1).JPG
IMG_0075 (1).JPG

Casey Kitchen

We were called by this client who wanted her kitchen remodeled before she went back to work from summer vacation. She wanted to keep the existing travertine tile so we had to follow the same foot print of the existing cabinetry. She had a few extra pieces of tile on stand-by just in case anything got damaged during the demo process. 

Because of her vaulted ceilings we were able to do taller uppers to give her more storage. We also do a standard 15" depth on upper cabinets! (Most cabinets we pull out are only 12" deep.) We did new Alder cabinets with a Toffee stain, 3x6 travertine backsplash, updated appliances, granite tops, a single bowl Silgranite sink, and all new plumbing. We wanted to do this kitchen fairly neutral and traditional to fit the rest of the house and clients personal taste. 

After looking at 3 different stain colors, we decided to move forward with the Toffee since it complimented the existing floor the best. 

We decided to eliminate the desk area in the kitchen since it ended up being more of a catch all for mail and wasn't utilized as an actual desk anymore. Instead we went back in with more cabinetry for storage. Originally the microwave was to the right of the refrigerator, to be able to add in more upper cabinets, we did an over the range microwave instead. 

We ended up doing some under cabinet lighting on this side of the kitchen since there was existing hook ups from the original home owners!

We ended up doing some under cabinet lighting on this side of the kitchen since there was existing hook ups from the original home owners!


We also did a remove and replace on the french doors leading out to the back yard. We wanted to do something a littler newer with inset blinds for privacy. The end result really made the whole kitchen feel much more updated! It was also an easy fix for an old outdated door.  We wanted to stick to a pretty strict budget throughout this project and we were able to delivery exactly what the client had in mind for a price that was comfortable for her!