Valentine Home

The Valentine Home was by far our most invasive and challenging project we have ever been asked to do! So invasive that we actually did two walk through’s before we even finalized the bid.

The Valentine’s had already remodeled their master bedroom and the entire upper level of their home - so they had an idea for what kind of style they were wanting for the main level project. This project would involve removing several major load bearing walls, removing a fireplace, relocating a laundry room, eliminating a full bathroom, a full kitchen remodel, weaving and refinishing hickory flooring, and relocating a powder bath.

The kitchen remodel would need to have a walk in pantry and enough space for a full size refrigerator & full size freezer, two dishwashers, an ice maker, wall ovens, drawer microwave, and a commercial gas cooktop.


This project was so big that we had to split it into two jobs in order to keep the home somewhat livable for the family. We started with eliminating the full bath on the main level and relocating the laundry room to this area.


The bathroom on the main level never got used - so the space was just wasted. The laundry room was on the opposite side of the house behind the kitchen. The space was awkward and didn’t make much sense! It was important to get the laundry room moved and finished so that the family would have a washer and dryer functioning and a better idea of space for the upcoming remodel. The bathroom was a pretty quick demo, even with the huge drop in tub!

We then had to relocate appropriate plumbing & power to the new laundry room so we could move the machines in. We did a super fun design with the narrow space - adding storage over the washer and dryer, a full height linen tower, and a prep sink. We did a full accent wall of navy blue glass 3x6 tile and a custom 1x1 hexagon floor. Each black flower was meticulously installed and spaced to make this floor really pop and stand out in this super fun and unique space!



The design for the kitchen changed multiple times! We wanted it to be perfect and function for the family and their specific needs! We probably went back to the drawing board three times to get everything exactly how it needed to be! It was important that the new space would feel more open because everything about the current space was super choppy. There would also be multiple major walls that would be moved or taken out. Because of this we knew we would have multiple support beams. The first “wish list item” was to get a “mud room” inside the garage door access. The hall was pretty narrow but if we eliminated the fireplace on the other side, we could potentially gain some extra space for some built ins with storage.

The hall actually ended up having a lot of thought and design put into it. We knew we wanted to tile it since it would be the main access from the garage and get a lot of foot traffic. We decided to do extra tall wainscot down the hallway with floor to ceiling wainscot in the “mud room” area. Because of this change - we opted to do away with the built ins. By taking out the fireplace in the front room it allowed more furniture to fit and the space to feel a little more open.


We relocated the powder bath to the other end of the hallway and had CF Olsen Designs (Located in Ogden) build a custom vanity via a Pinterest photo the client fell in love with! We did shiplap walls and pulled the same custom 1x1 hex floor tile (from the laundry) into the bathroom. We decided to do a gold Delta faucet that was similar to the faucet in the inspiration photo. At first the client wasn’t sure they loved the Delta faucet. Delta’s gold is more of a brushed champagne and isn’t as vibrant as the polished gold Kohler faucet pictured. However, as everything came together the champagne color of the Delta faucet fit the space perfectly! We loved the gold tones so much that we did small pops throughout the kitchen as well.



The kitchen was the most fun part of the whole design! We redrew and rehashed the layout at least three times, if not more! The cooktop, refrigerator, and freezer were all commercial size. So we tried them in multiple different spots before deciding to do the cooktop under the window. With this decision we decided to actually grow the window and do a custom linear range hood. We toyed with the idea of maybe doing navy blue cabinets in the kitchen, but ended up going white on the perimeter, black on the island, and do wood stained accents. There were several small details that we added on as the space started to come together. We did glass front transom cabinets with black cabinet backs to really make the transoms pop. We added decorative sconce lighting by the custom pantry door and over the floating shelves. Custom full height splash was installed in a herringbone pattern and we did a combination of black and gold fixtures.


Since everything about this remodel was custom and meticulously designed… we just couldn’t have a plain ceiling. The client had fallen in love with the idea of doing either a shiplap or coffered ceiling. We opted to do both! We did a “low profile” coffer in order to do the cabinets up to the ceiling. We wrapped all of the support beams in order to compliment the coffer design. It took a lot of planning to lay out and plan the coffered grid pattern. It was important that the pendant lighting landed inside each grid and not in the middle of the coffer trim. The island got taped out on the floor and we used a laser pointer to determine where each pendant should be during a walk through with our electricians. We even ended up doing an X accent in the coffer above the dining room table - which turned out to be the perfect subtle accent the space needed!


Another great part of this remodel was the amazing walk in pantry. Our finish carpenter out did himself when he did this pantry because it is one of a kind! He really went out of his way to work with the client and do everything possible to maximize the space. We custom milled a gorgeous door with acid etched glass and a transom to mirror the look of the other transoms in the cabinets.

Because of the placement of the pantry in the final design - we were stuck with a support beam going right through the middle of the ceiling. We worked around it the best we could and still did a decorative wrap so it would be consistent with the other beams in the kitchen.


There was so much that went into this remodel! Plus a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from both Top Tier and the Valentine’s. Our poor clients were eager to get their home back! But when all was said and done - this turned out to be an absolutely perfect project that is unlike any other. And with such an incredible remodel comes a lot of extra time and attention to detail! We couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Original Rendering

Original Rendering

Finished Product

Finished Product