Tullis Kitchen & Fireplace

The Tullis family was brought to us as another amazing referral from CF Olsen Designs (Located in Ogden, UT). At first glance the home didn't seem to need much updating. The gorgeous Farmington home seemed to be spacious and fairly up to date. Although the kitchen seemed to not need work aesthetically - it didn't change the fact that it wasn't functioning for the family. Since we would be updating the kitchen we decided to carry the remodel throughout the main level with all new flooring, paint, lighting, and a complete fireplace makeover. 


The clients went back and forth on the kitchen cabinets with CF Olsen. They knew they needed much more space and wanted an island large enough to seat all of their children. The home was broken up into choppy rooms by structural posts and beams. They had set up the areas as a home office, a homework area for the kids, and a small sitting area. We originally planned to move the kitchen back into the sitting area but a window in the middle of the space would only allow the kitchen to grow so much.


We were concerned that if we moved the wall to the other side of the window the kitchen would seem too massive and overtake the whole space. We drew it up as having a pantry with double barn doors and a window seat under the sitting room window. This helped pull the space together without making it seem too overwhelming.  Because of the posts and beams being structural we had to work them into every aspect of the remodel. This included the new pantry and even the kitchen island. This is something we occasionally run into where we have to put a drop or post in after removing a structural wall. 

IMG-1547 (1).JPG

The clients loved the idea of having all white cabinets but worried it wasn't practical in their home having small children. They settled on having a white island and a dark stained perimeter.  They ultimately decided on doing a LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) throughout most of the main level and marble accents. We did a simple 3x6 marble splash and carried the marble to the fireplace. The client wanted to create a focal point out of the fireplace. They had dramatically tall ceilings and the fireplace protruded into the living area. 


We decided to do a shiplap feature wall from floor to ceiling, a new floating mantle, and carried the marble to the face of the surround. We did new carpet in the living room and all new paint. Changing the fireplace completely changed the look and feel of the home. It ended up being one of the best parts of this remodel!


The kitchen ended up being perfect for the clients needs. The island sat all of the children perfectly even with the structural post having to stay. We added some wainscot trim to the post to make it look more like a piece of furniture. We kept the the backsplash simple and went with a two tone look on both the cabinets and countertops. We did a statement granite on the white island, but kept the perimeter simple with a white quartz. The new space has excess amounts of storage and plenty of space for entertaining. Plus the custom walk in pantry with double barn doors is definitely a conversation starter!