Benstog Master Bath

The Benstog bathroom is a true testament as to how custom we are willing to get on a project. This super fun master bathroom is one of the most unique bathrooms we have ever done at Top Tier. The client really wanted something that would radiate her personal style. She really wanted it to “sparkle”! Her vision was to gut the bathroom and go back in with a huge roman tub. This was new territory for us because we had never done one before. We had to do a lot of research and planning to make sure everything would go smoothly. Even though we tried to plan ahead of time - the project ended up taking a lot longer than expected.

For those who might not know - a roman tub is a fully custom framed and tiled tub. You can make it any size and/or dimension. It’s basically a big shower.

GetFile (2).jpg

We went back and forth on design for several weeks trying to achieve the perfect amount of sparkle. We ordered in different samples and picked up even more from local tile stores.

When we did the original quote the client had a 12x12 sheet of blue hexagon glass mosaic she had purchased. When all was said and done this was the piece she knew she loved the most.

We decided to focus on this as the main accent and build the design around this specific piece. We chose an over sized hexagon for the floor tile to play off of the glass mosaic.

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We looked at multiple options for the shower surround that would compliment the glass mosaic. We were able to find a polished porcelain that had similar coloring. The polished look of this tile next to the shimmer in the glass mosaic really made everything have the sparkle the client was looking for. The colors were starting to be really dark though, and we were starting to worry the space would start to feel like a cave.

We decided to look into adding a solar tube in the bathroom ceiling for some natural light. The client ultimately decided she loved the look of glass block and wanted to do a full wall of it in the shower. This would allow natural light from the solar tube as well as light from the vanity light.

3D rendering of space - I really struggled with rendering the glass block!

3D rendering of space - I really struggled with rendering the glass block!

Once we framed the roman tub we were able to better see how everything would play out. The tub was so large that we worried she wouldn’t have enough hot water to fill it! We also had to do massive amounts of water proofing to make sure the whole tub would be water tight.

We discussed possibly adding onto her water heater or replacing the unit completely to ensure temperature wasn’t an issue. The client opted to wait it out and see how the tub felt once it was usable. She ultimately decided she could live without the water heater upgrade.

The client was able to find this super unique vanity on Wayfair!

The client was able to find this super unique vanity on Wayfair!


Even though the roman tub was a lot of work and planning - the finished result was absolutely amazing! The client loves her new space and feels like it is definitely more in tune with her personal style. Her daughter even bought her an in-tub body lounger for a truly luxurious experience inside her in-home personal spa!

We are so happy that we got to be apart of making this master bathroom dream come to life!