Stenquist Bathroom

This Kaysville bathroom was ready for a major overhaul! Most of the home had already been remodeled by the clients, but they decided to have Top Tier undergo the bathroom remodel. The small space was an interesting challenge, but the end result is exactly what the client invisioned! 

We wanted to stick to the traditional feel of this old home which had a certain historic charm. A classic white vanity with lots of storage would be perfect for the clients needs. We decided to go with bronze Delta fixtures to keep everything traditional and consistent. After going back and forth on flooring, we thought a clean white 1x1 hexagon would be the best choice! 


We drew up the preliminary design before finalizing. We planned on using 100% of the space the best we possibly could. 

We did a Piedrafina shower surround with a framed glass door and a Piedrafina countertop. Piedrafina is a wonderful solution for a bathroom because it's affordable, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. For storage we chose to do an inset niche box in the shower.