Yngsdal Kitchen


This massive main level remodel was located in Farr West. We worked on the design for months to perfect everything down to the smallest detail. We had a lot of hiccups along the way, which can be the case with such a major remodel. These clients came to us wanting an updated space with a Mid Century Modern feel. They wanted to get rid of the brown tones and red walls and implement more of clean feel with more of a monochromatic color palette. The space just was outdated and didn't function the way the clients needed it to. The original wish list was to eliminate the peninsula, gain a desk area, add storage, and give the living area more of an open concept feel. The living room was crammed because of an angled fireplace taking up a huge portion of the space. We decided to eliminate the fireplace entirely and add in a large window to open up the space and allow some additional light in. 

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Removing the fireplace and cutting in the window made a HUGE difference! It changed the feel of the space entirely. 

The clients did most of the other demo themselves. When we arrived to start the project almost everything was completely gutted. They had worked really hard to get everything ready for the remodeling to begin! I think they were definitely tired of their old space! We had hoped to completely open up the front sitting room and use the space as a new dining room. Even though we didn't originally need to, we had planned on putting in a decorative beam to help differentiate the living and dining areas.  


Unfortunately... Once we demoed the walls, we found a lot of wiring. The major issue here being, the main power line was ran through this wall when the home was built. This is pretty uncommon. So even though the clients were not happy about it, it was just too costly to move this power source. We decided to embrace this change and do a decorative wall that was large enough to hide the wires and not break the bank.

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We decided to do an LVP flooring. One of our favorite options for main levels. It's a "Luxury Vinyl Plank". A lot of people don't like the thought of doing a vinyl product on their floors. However, this is a great option! Wood flooring does not play nice with our Utah climate. The changing of seasons cause wood to expand and contract, causing the floor to squeak and get spacing between the planks. For clients dead set on a wood floor, we always recommend going with an engineered floor. It's a mix between a man made product and actual hardwood. This is going to expand and contract together and will long term be a better product. However, this is costly and if you don't install a humidifier in your home it voids all warranties. LVP material pricing varies anywhere from $2 per foot to $7 per foot and installation costs are low. The product has very realistic wood looks and they keep coming out with new competitive product every year! It's maintenance free, 100% waterproof, and most products come with a 30-Lifetime Warranty. 


The most amount of work went into perfecting the kitchen and lighting. It was very important that everything was functional while still having an incredible look. The final product really captured the clients unique style and fit the home perfectly.

We took plenty of time to draw the space and make sure everything was perfect before ordering. We still ended up making changes even after cabinets went in. We decided a more decorative leg on the island would fit the style a little better, we ended up going darker on the island stain, and did a fogged glass on the glass uppers in the desk area.  

When all was said and done, this project is definitely a signature job for us. It turned out perfect and the clients couldn't be happier! In fact, they even showed us how excited they are to be in their new and improved space! 

We loved working with them and it made for a pretty perfect finished product. See all of the final photos below.

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